El mayor catálogo del mundo de libros de masonería en castellano


    • Masonic Mosaic

      Masonic Mosaic

      Foundations of a World under Construction

      David Harrison

      In this second collection of Masonic essays, historian and Masonic scholar Dr David Harrison has put together a number of his past papers an...
    • The Rule of Saint Benedict and Masonic Ritual

      The Rule of Saint Benedict and Masonic Ritual

      The origin of Masonic Usages, Customs and Ritual

      Alberto Moreno Moreno

      During the 12th century, the Cistercian Order, which followed the Benedictine Rule, founded numerous abbeys in England, and many masons join...
    • Manual of Freemasonry

      Manual of Freemasonry

      Richard Carlile

      If we make ourselves acquainted with all that Masons know of their freemasonry, we shall find a blank, and that, in fact, they know nothing ...
    • Régulateur du Maçon 1801

      Régulateur du Maçon 1801

      Círculo de Estudios del Rito Francés Roëttiers de Montaleau

      “Esta publicação nasce da vontade de uma série de maçons/as que se juntaram som o Círculo de Estudos de Rito Francês Röettiers de Montaleau ...
    • Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium

      Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium

      Eugene Matzota

      In a few words, Masonic Etiquette is a code of recommended rules and suggestions; however, we have to understand that these rules and sugges...
    • Duncan's Masonic Ritual And Monitor

      Duncan's Masonic Ritual And Monitor

      Malcolm C. Duncan

      A complete guide to the three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite and to the Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Maste...
    • El Venerable Mestre

      El Venerable Mestre

      La cadira de Salomó

      Josep-Lluís Domenech Gómez

      Primer premi en la categoria de treball publicat del PREMI LITERARI GRAN ORIENT DE CATALUNYA - ROSSEND ARÚS ________________________________...
    • Rito Moderno

      Rito Moderno

      Um olhar do século XXI, na virada do 300º aniversário

      Víctor Guerra

      Um olhar sobre os usos dos “Modernos” e os rituais do Rito Francês